WEBINAR: The road to success - Mapping drug product development from preclinical to commercialization

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The road to success: Mapping drug product development from preclinical to commercialization

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Therapeutic biology encompasses different modalities, and their manufacturing processes may be vastly different.  However, there are many similarities that run across the different modalities during the drug product (DP) development process and manufacturing. Similarities include the need for Quality Target Product Profile (QTTP), analytical development, formulation development, container/closure studies, drug product process development, manufacturing and technical requirements set out by numerous regulatory documents such as the FDA, EMA, and ICH for pharmaceuticals for human use and other country specific requirements.

While there is a plethora of knowledge on studies needed for development of a drug product, there is no specific guidance set out in a phase dependent manner delineating what studies should be completed in alignment with the different phases of clinical development from pre-clinical through commercialization. Because of this reason, we assembled a high-level drug product development and manufacturing roadmap. The roadmap is applicable across the different modalities with the intention of providing a unified framework from early phase development to commercialization of biologics drug products.

In this Webinar Dr. Bruce Kerwin, Scientific Advisor at Coriolis Pharma, and Dr. Eva Keilhauer, Business Development Manager at Coriolis, will give valuable insights for a successful transition from early development to market approval.


  • Why do you need a quality target product profile?
  • What type of formulation studies are required for which stage of development?
  • What is the appropriate level of characterization ensuring safety, quality, and potency in relation to the phase of the Human Clinical Trials? 

The duration of this webinar is one hour and will include the ability to submit questions.

Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.


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