Nucleic acid-based medicinal products: Formulation considerations

Nucleic acid-based medicinal products
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In this webinar, Prof. Jiskoot gives you an overview of the diverse category of nucleic acid-based medicinal products. In particular, he discusses the formulation compositions and highlights some of the current formulation and stability issues with these products, several –but not all– of which require (ultra) cold storage under frozen conditions. Further, Prof. Jiskoot discusses lessons that we can learn from the past to improve the stability and storage conditions of these innovative medicines by means of formulation development, which should be guided by using appropriate analytical methods.

You will learn about...

  • the different nucleic acid-based medicinal products, including gene therapy products and genetic vaccines.
  • the issues with current formulations of nucleic acid-based medicinal products.
  • storage conditions for nucleic acid-based medicinal products.
  • approaches for improving the storage stability of nucleic acid-based medicinal products.

The duration of this webinar is 1 hour and will include the ability to submit questions.


Prof. Dr. Wim Jiskoot

Prof. Dr. Wim Jiskoot


Prof. Jiskoot was an expert in vaccine formulation and delivery, as well as protein formulation development. He was a professor at the Leiden University (The Netherlands) and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Coriolis. On August 2021, Prof. Jiskoot passed away unexpectedly at the age of 60.

Dr. Daniel Weinbuch

Dr. Daniel Weinbuch

Webinar host

Daniel will be your host during this webinar. He holds a PhD in BioPharmaceutical Sciences from the Leiden University (The Netherlands) and is part of the Business Development Unit at Coriolis.

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