Semi-automated visual inspection (SAVI)


Semi-automated visual inspection (SAVI) is a technique that detects and quantifies particles in the visible size range.

For semi-automated visual inspection (roughly above 50-100 µm), the sample in its primary container (vial, prefilled syringe and cartridge made of glass) is rotated under standardized conditions. Then, images or entire videos can be captured of the liquid in the spinning and/or subsequently stopped container. In the latter case, processing algorithms can be applied to quantify the number of visible particles detected within the video frames. However, in contrast to human operators, such algorithms can currently not give detailed information on the properties of the detected particles or sample solution. Also, the sample holders need to be modified for each container set-up and sometimes extensive method development is necessary to receive meaningful data. A large benefit of the SAVI technique is the unbiased performance as compared to human operators. SAVI is currently used to support formulation development, stability studies and forced degradation studies.

Quality & biosafety level of this method

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