Non-GMP manufacturing of liquid drug products

Non-GMP manufacturing service for liquid drug products

manufacturing for liquids

In our R&D facilities, we utilize modern automated filling equipment (Flexicon FCP50 including LAF by Franz Ziel) capable of processing all common vial formats and covering a broad range of batch sizes from a few dozen to several thousand. For special container formats (such as prefilled syringes, safe-lock tubes, cryotubes), for small batches (e.g., for reference materials) and products up to BSL2 / S2, we also offer flexible semi-automated or manual filling solutions.

Our batch sizes for liquid drug products

   2R – 15,000 vials/day

   6R – 8,000 vials/day

   10R – 8,000 vials/day

   20R – 4,000 vials/day

   25R – 4,000 vials/day

In case of any other vial format, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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