Analytical services

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Analytical services

Coriolis Pharma has a strong expertise in analyzing a broad range of samples, from peptides and proteins to nucleic acids, virus-like particles and ATMPs, from high concentration antibodies to low concentration hormones, from early-stage drug substance to complex late-stage drug products. The specific needs are considered for every project including quality- and biosafety level requirements. We are dedicated to apply orthogonal methods based on different measurement principles, so you see the properties of your sample from multiple viewpoints.

Our benefits are yours

Coriolis can draw from a unique analytical portfolio of more than 100 different techniques – entirely performed in-house – to obtain orthogonal and meaningful data. We offer all our services under biosafety level 1 by default and a large selection also under biosafety level 2. Dedicated GMP facilities with full involvement of Quality Management enable us to conduct lot-release analysis and generate supportive data for market approval and allow for tailored “enhanced R&D” level studies (e.g., qualified equipment but no QA involvement). Coriolis – as a trendsetter – provides state-of-the-art as well as promising new and emerging technologies.

Learn more about our analytical service categories below

Drug substances we work with

We have 13+ years of experience in handling a large variety of different products, including the following:

Drug substances


Antibodies, hormones and other therapeutic proteins

Nucleic acids

DNA, RNA and oligonucleotides

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)

Gene- and cell therapy products and other GMOs


Oligopeptides, peptide hormones, and small proteins

Vaccines & viruses

Viral vectors, mRNA vaccines, virus-like particles and more.

Small molecules

Synthetic or biological small molecules

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