Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

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Coriolis supports the development of  Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) by providing a comprehensive suite of analytical techniques and formulation development expertise to characterize your drug product and establish a perfect formulation with high stability and tailored to your intended application.

At all stages, formulation development is supported by stability and forced degradation studies, including in-use stability testing for the final stage of development.


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Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products are a groundbreaking class of medical treatments that encompass several innovative modalities. Cell therapy, which involves the manipulation and administration of living cells to treat a variety of diseases, stands out. Gene therapy, another pillar of ATMPs, aims to correct genetic abnormalities by introducing functional genes into patients' cells, effectively addressing the root causes of disease. Viral vectors, play a critical role in ATMPs by acting as vehicles to deliver therapeutic genes or genetic material into target cells. These engineered viruses serve as carriers, facilitating the transfer of genetic payloads and allowing precise manipulation of cellular functions.

The intersection of cell therapy, gene therapy, and viral vectors has opened avenues for synergistic therapeutic strategies. As our understanding of these technologies deepens, ATMPs continue to evolve, ushering in a new era of medicines.


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We provide all our services with the highest quality standards. Each project is carried out by experienced scientists and every report or data presentation is comprehensively checked by a scientific reviewer. We offer this service with the following quality and biosafety level:


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