WEBINAR: Lyo-Modelling

Lyo Modelling Webinar
( CEST )


Reduce risks on the road to commercialization through process understanding

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Lyophilization is a key technology in the manufacturing of stable drug products for biopharmaceuticals by gently removing water at low temperature and pressure conditions. The complexity of the lyophilization process poses challenges when it comes to achieving consistent product quality and process efficiency.

This webinar presents a comprehensive overview of a lyophilization model including a robustness analysis, highlighting the significance of predictive models and robustness assessment methodologies in optimizing process parameters and ensuring product quality.


  • Balance between process speed and product quality
  • Statistical model approaches in lyophilization process optimization
  • Major process failures in the primary drying phase


Look forward to interesting presentations and a concluding discussion with our speakers Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frieß, Scientific Advisor at Coriolis Pharma, and Dr. Brecht Vanbillemont, Senior Scientist at Coriolis Pharma

Wolfgang Frieß


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frieß,
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Department of Pharmacy – Center for Drug Research Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics

Scientific Advisor at Coriolis Pharma

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Brecht Vanbillemont

Dr. Brecht Vanbillemont
Senior Scientist at Coriolis Pharma
with a focus on lyophilization process and formulation development

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