WEBINAR: Protecting viral vectors - Why we need a formulation development program

Viral Vector Webinar
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Protecting viral vectors - Why we need a formulation development program to successfully bring viral vector-based drugs and vaccines to the market

Since their discovery viruses have been developed and used as biotherapeutics. Initially they were used as vaccines and more recently also as gene delivery systems and oncolytic agents. Their size, lifecycle and possibility to be genetically modified them, make viruses extremely suitable to modify or attack cells in vitro and in vivo. From a pharmaceutical point of view viruses are difficult to handle biologics. They are complex and often lack stability. Extensive formulation development is necessary to develop virus-based pharmaceuticals with acceptable shelf life and in-use stability.

In this webinar, our scientific advisor, Prof. Dr. Gideon Kersten addresses some critical aspects of formulation and characterization of virus-based biopharmaceuticals.


  • What are viral vectors used for in the field of therapy and vaccination?
  • What are key analytical challenges for the different types of virus?
  • What is the role of formulation during virus product development? Challenges and opportunities? 

The duration of this webinar is one hour and will include the ability to submit questions.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gideon Kersten, Scientific Advisor at Coriolis Pharma

Moderator: Dr. Anna Gebhardt, Business Development Manager at Coriolis Pharma

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