A Sunny Sailing Trip at the Starnberg Lake

Starnberg Lake Sailing GFK Team H-Boat Coriolis Pharma

The Starnberg lake is one of many lakes just south of Munich with a magnificent view of the Alps. Eight employees of Coriolis arrived at the small lake town of Seeshaupt early in the morning to meet with Finn and Lasse Kenter, Merlin Gnutzmann and Philipp Friess – the GFK sailing team sponsored by Coriolis (read more here) – for a beginner’s sailing day.

After a first introduction to the safety rules and some basics of sailing, the crew boarded the racing boat Kiaora. There the team explained the functions of each sail, showed the tools they use to maneuver the ship and revealed what is inside the hull of the ship. Then it was time for a small warm-up sailing trip where the GFK sailing team, currently on the second place in Germany, showed their sailing skills in action.

A lunch break with delicious home-made food on land was followed by a practical training in knot making; and who could know that there are so many different knots!? With this insight, the beginners could now board the ship a second time and show their newly acquired skills hands-on. We can report that everyone on board had a great time and that the boat made it safely back to shore 😊.

“The day was real fun, and the four skippers were amazing hosts,” concluded Mirjana. “We learned a lot about sailing and the sunny weather made it feel like a holiday.”

With the setting sun, the eight Coriolis employees returned to the city of Munich. Now everyone at Coriolis is very looking forward to the next sailing season and their chance to join a sailing trip in 2022!