Tim Menzen honored by JPharmSci as Outstanding Early Career Scientist

Tim Outstanding Early Career Scientist

Tim Menzen honored by JPharmSci® as Outstanding Early Career Scientist

The Editorial Staff and the American Pharmacists Association have been recognizing outstanding outstanding early career scientists for publishing their most original and significant scientific findings in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

One of these honored scientists is Tim Menzen, Chief Technology Officer at Coriolis. We warmly congratulate our colleague on this award.


Check out some of Tim's publications here:

Taking subvisible particle quantitation to the limit: Uncertainties and statistical challenges with ophthalmic products for intravitreal injection

Particles in Biopharmaceutical Formulations, Part 2

Characterization of Virus Particles and Submicron-Sized Particulate Impurities in Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Drug Product

Combining Machine Learning and Backgrounded Membrane Imaging

Oil-Immersion Flow Imaging Microscopy for Quantification and Morphological Characterization of Submicron Particles in Biopharmaceuticals


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