Coriolis Supports Local Sailing Team on „Road to Sweden 2023” Project

Coriolis Supports GFK Sailing Team

The GFK sailing team has an ambitious goal: A top ten rank in the world championship in 2023

The Starnberger See is a beautiful lake just outside of Munich with a magnificent view of the Alps. At the southern tip of this lake, a group of young and motivated sailors, the GFK Sailing Team, has its base. The team consists of Finn and Lasse Kenter, Merlin Gnutzmann and Philipp Friess, and they are the youngest competing team in the H-boat class. Their ambitious goal: to reach the top 10 in the world championship in Sweden in 2023. We love their enthusiasm and passion and are happy to support their project and follow them on their “Road to Sweden 2023”!

Sailing is a nature sport. The complexity and long race durations make it exciting to watch and demanding to master. A combination of in-depth knowledge, experience, technology, and strategy are required to succeed in a race. The GFK team has already shown at the world championship in 2019 in the Netherlands that they are up to the task and finished 28th out of 50 teams.

It's easy to relate to the challenges that the team will be facing

Just as Coriolis is following its mission of formulating innovation, the team around skipper Finn Kenter will need to continuously optimize their skills, use innovative strategies, and utilize high-performance equipment in order to achieve their ambitions goal. Also, a functional team-spirit and trust in the capabilities of each individual member are the foundation of their sport. There are so many similarities to the challenges we face as scientists in the lab, making it easy to relate to their sport and cheer for their success.

Besides all their ambitions, the team is a fun group of young people who never forget to enjoy what they are doing. We are excited to see them develop with the challenges ahead and strengthen their team spirit along their “Road to Sweden 2023”.

Coriolis will continuously post news and updates about the GFK team and their upcoming races. Our employees will also have the chance to meet them and sail with them on their H-class boat “kiaora” on the magnificent Starnberger See.

Stay tuned for more updates on the “Road to Sweden 2023”.

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Philip Friess, Merlin Gnutzmann, Lasse Kenter und Finn Kenter (from left)

Philip Friess, Merlin Gnutzmann, Lasse Kenter und Finn Kenter (from left).


GSK Sailing Team