PhD Student at Coriolis among Grant Awardees

CASSS Cell and Gene Therapy Products

Congratulations to Adam Grabarek for receiving the CASSS Travel Grant

We are proud that our PhD student Adam Grabarek got awarded with the CASSS Travel Grant to attend the 2nd Meeting on Cell and Gene Therapy Products in Bethesda, USA. Adam valued the meeting by saying: “It gave me the chance to learn about the most significant advancements in the field. Having discussions and exchanging ideas with fellow scientists led to introducing new ideas into my project on cell-based therapy products, which will certainly benefit the research conducted in our labs.”

Adam Grabarek conducts his PhD thesis at Coriolis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wim Jiskoot and in collaboration with the Leiden University (The Netherlands). Adam is one of many academic scientists in our in-house scientific unit, which enables Coriolis to stay on the cutting edge of science and allows us to apply the latest knowledge and technology within our customer projects.

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