Sponsoring the 2019 Colorado Protein Stability Conference

Coriolis Pharma is proud to be sponsor of the “2019 Colorado Protein Stability Conference: 25th Anniversary”.


On Wednesday 30th July 2019, our CSO Andrea Hawe will be presenting a poster  on a “Novel high-throughput 96-well plate assay for polysorbate quantification in biopharmaceutical products”.

Our CTO Tim Menzen will present on  “Recent advances in submicron and micron particle  analysis for biopharmaceuticals” on Tuesday 1st August 2019 in the session on Formulation, Analysis and Processing of Therapeutic Proteins (Chaired by Andrea Hawe).

Furthermore, there will be talks from Coriolis’ scientific advisors:
Wolfgang Friess, Ludwig-Maximilians Univ.  New insights into the aggregation of monoclonal antibodies at the air-liquid interface

Christian Schöneich, Univ. of Kansas   Novel pathways of oxidative protein degradation: a tale of radicals, tungstate and excipients

Gerhard Winter, Ludwig-Maximilians Univ.   Protein-drug formulation: From the 1990's until today -- A winding road upwards