Coriolis' TOP 5 publications in 2020

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We at Coriolis believe that internal research projects are the backbone for scientific excellence. That’s why we operate - since our foundation in 2008 - an academic research team within Coriolis, which is composed of Post-Docs, PhD candidates and students. Through this academic group, we collaborate, amongst others, with the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich and the Leiden University (The Netherlands) and have created numerous important scientific publications. Our project team members contributed to many scientific publications before and during their association with Coriolis. This combined knowledge allows us to deliver the high-quality services that our customers request.

Let's conclude our scientific year 2020 with our TOP 5 publications


TOP 5 Coriolis Publications 2020


Read our research summaries from 2020:


Glance Into the Future - Artificial intelligence improves quality control of cell- and gene therapy products

Artificial Intelligence Improves Quality Control of Cell- and Gene Therapy Products

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New Degradation Mechanism for Polysorbate - Micelles May Function as Nanoscale Reaction Vessels

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Unlocking a Thermal Protein-Stability Parameter for Early Drug Development - Modulating Scanning Fluorimetry (MSF)

Unlocking a Thermal Protein-Stability Parameter for Early Drug Development

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We want to thank all our scientists, the co-authors and collaborators for their valuable contributions to a fantastic scientific year 2020!

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