Coriolis Group Leader gives Talk at ThermoFisher CAD Symoposium

ThermoFisher Scientific Charged Aerosol Detection Symposium

The Charged Aerosol Detection Symposium 2021

Charged aerosol detection (CAD) measures analytes that cannot be seen by UV and may not be readily detected with other detection techniques.  It is a sensitive and universal detection method with near-uniform response independent of the chemical structure and very suitable for analytes that lack chromophores. During this symposium, experts in the field dive into the technical capabilities of this unique HPLC detector and discuss the extent of its use. The symposium will be divided into 2-hour sessions with subsequent live roundtable discussion.

Investigation of polysorbate degradation pathways in biopharmaceuticals

In biopharmaceuticals, surfactants are often used to stabilize proteins against interfacial stress and/or to prevent adsorption. Among the approved non-ionic surfactants for parenteral applications polysorbate 20 and 80 (also known as Tween) are the most common ones. However, polysorbates can oxidize and/or hydrolyze on long-term stability and generate subvisible and visible particles which impact drug product stability.

During his talk on April 13 at 15:00 (CEST), Dr. Georg Schuster, group leader at Coriolis, will discuss the "Investigation of polysorbate degradation pathways by application of a fast RP-UPLC-CAD characterization method".

Learning points

  • Polysorbates are complex heterogeneous mixtures, contain impurities and are prone to degradation
  • Quality and consistency of neat polysorbate batches must be considered/are crucial for formulation studies and DP manufacturing
  • LC-CAD is a key working horse for PS quantification and subclass analysis

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