Coriolis Expert Gives Talk About the Application of Analytical Ultracentrifugation for Biopharmaceuticals

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Dr. Klaus Richter speaks at the 11th Biologics Formulation Development and Drug Delivery Event

The 11th Edition of the Biologics Formulation Development and Drug Delivery Event takes place on the 22 & 23 Oct. 2020 in a virtual format. The event will provide a comprehensive view on the entire formulation process (from preformulation through to production, manufacturing, and delivery). You will benefit from case studies on major challenges such as aggregates, particles, bioavailability, immunogenicity, and compatibility; and will learn how to minimize risks, time, and expenditure.

Our Expert Scientist and Group Leader AUC, Dr. Klaus Richter, will give an insightful virtual presentation with a focus on the applications of analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) for biopharmaceuticals. Under the titel "The Challenges of Measuring Aggregation and Conformational Changes of Biopharmaceuticals", he will present and explain case studies with proteins, peptides and viruses. 

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AUC: A first principle method with many benefits

Analytical ultracentrifugation – or more precisely the sedimentation velocity (SV-AUC) and sedimentation equilibrium (SE-AUC) method – is based on a simple principle: when (macro)molecules in solution are subject to a centrifugal force, they begin to settle at a certain velocity. With this direct correlation, scientists can determine many critical parameters of a drug substance or drug product for a variety of biopharmaceutical applications.

Coriolis is a globally operating service provider and one of the world leaders for SV-AUC and SE-AUC services. We operate the latest AUC technology equipped with a best-in-class selection of detection methods. Our dedicated AUC team is highly experienced in a number of (bio)pharmaceutical applications and has developed a set of generic methods, ready for application with many standard samples. Above that, our scientists love to push the limits of the AUC technology during challenging projects.

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