Coriolis CTO and scientific advisors speak at seminar in Tokyo

Biopharma Seminar 2019 Tokyo

Dr. Tim Menzen, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frieß are invited speakers at the Biopharma Seminar, October 8th 2019, Japan, Tokyo.

We are proud to announce that Coriolis will be represented by three speakers at the Biopharma Seminar 2019 in Tokyo.

Prof. Dr. Winter will present a new artificial lymph node model to study the immunogenicity of protein pharamceuticals; Prof. Dr. Frieß will describe the freeze concentrate in the context of freeze-drying and bulk freezing; and our CTO Dr. Tim Menzen will explain strategies and approaches to develop stable biologics with long shelf-life.

The seminar is limited to 80 participants: so be quick and register by contacting