Coriolis CSO and Scientific Advisor give key talks at international conference

Coriolis CSO and Scientific Advisor give key talks at international conference

The 12th Annual Biologics Formulation & Drug Delivery Forum

The event will take place as an online conference from 14 - 15 June 2021. The goal of the event, organized by marcus evans, is to explore ways of improving the stability, dosage form, and quality of biopharmaceutical formulations. The increased public attention to biologics development due to COVID-19 has accelerated processes and put increased pressure on overcoming challenges, especially in the area of mRNA vaccine and viral-vector vaccine development. The practical case study-led event will focus on how to overcome key challenges such as degradation and oxidation of biologics and additives in the formulations. It will also show how to make formulations stable, to be safely delivered to the patient and how to scale up formulations into manufacturing. It will further explore the role of analytical methods in the understanding of crucial properties, and the use of computer-based prediction. The expert speaker panel will also look into how concentration and delivery of the active ingredient can be improved with the help of new technologies.

Coriolis experts invited to give two talks and participate in panel discussion

Coriolis CSO Dr. Andrea Hawe will give her talk about the "Application of Micron and Submicron Particle Analysis for the Development of Therapeutic Proteins and ATMPs". This talk was selected as a key session of the conference. Further, she will participate in the panel discussion hosted by Prof. Geoff Smith from the De Montfort University (UK) about "Different Views on Lyophilization for Biologics Formulation Development and Manufacturing" with other experts in the field.

Scientific Advisor of Coriolis, Prof. Gideon Kersten will give an exciting talk about "mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticle Vaccines: Analysis, Structure and Stability". Both, Dr. Hawe and Prof. Kersten, will be available throughout the conference and are very looking forward to many interesting presentations and engaging discussion.

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