Coriolis advisor gives talk at LAII Conference in La Jolla

LAII 2020 Conference

Prof. Dr. Wim Jiskoot will discuss immunogenicity concerns for long-acting injectables and implantables

The Controlled Release Socienty (CRS) invites to La Jolla, California on 6. – 7. February for the 3rd Long-acting injectables and implantables (LAII) Conference. The conference’s goal is to provide attendees with insights into:

  • Clinical applications where long-acting injectable and implants can provide a benefit for the patient
  • Existing and new technologies in development
  • How to use advanced pharmacokinetic modeling in the definition of formulation

Long-acting injectables and implants improve the quality of life for patients living with diseases requiring chronic dosing. These life-changing injectables and implants are proven to increase efficacy and enhance patient and dosing compliance. To meet this growing market need, a large variety of delivery technologies have been developed for all modalities across pharmaceutical products. The knowledge needed to translate from concept to laboratory to actual therapy for these delivery systems is rapidly evolving.

Our scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Wim Jiskoot will talk on Friday, 7. February at 15:00 about immunogenicity concerns regarding LAIIs and how we can learn from experiences with vaccines – where immunogenicity is wanted – and therapeutic protein formulations, where unwanted immunogenicity has affected a significant number of patients already.

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