Coriolis-sponsored sailing team happy with 2021 world cup race

Coriolis-sponsored sailing team happy with 2021 world cup race

The GFK racing team achieved a fantastic 10th place at the H-boat world cup race in Denmark.

This year’s H-boat world cup took place in the lovely town of Struer on the Limfjord in Demnark. There were 43 teams from 6 nations competing for the work cup title during 11 races over two days.

The conditions were changeable: while on the first day of the regatta, medium-strong winds allowed for good sailing, the second day brought a heavy breeze that forced the organizers to interrupt the races temporarily. The Coriolis-sponsored GFK team was able to adapt to the conditions by adjusting their tactics with a modified sail trim and achieved a fantastic 10th place among the mostly Scandinavian competition.

The world cup title went to the danish Sailor Claus Hois Jenses, who could defend his title from last year. Second place went to Finland; third place also to Denmark.

Among the competing German teams, the PYC crew of Holger Kohne reached a great 4th place, while the GFK team finished as the second-best German team in the competition and, thus, could climb to the second position in the German ranking list.

With this world cup result, the GFK team round skipper Finn Kenter is on a great path to achieve their ambitious goal of reaching a Top 10 ranking in the world cup 2023 in Sweden. Follow the GFK team on their “Road to Sweden 2023” and stay tuned for more sailing news…

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