Coriolis Scientist contributes to "Bioanalytik" by Lottspeich

Bioanalytik Lottspeich

The book "Bioanalytik" is a trusted standard reference

The proven standard work "Bioanalytik" describes and explains all analytical methods that are used today in biochemistry and molecular biology, from sample preparation to state-of-the-art analysis techniques, from nucleotide analysis to next generation sequencing, from the analysis of special biological substances to systems biology. It accompanies students of biological disciplines through the entire range of subjects and gives them the methodical foundation to acquire the knowledge gained in the life sciences. For actively researching scientists, it explains the complex current developments of the bioanalytical methods. In the new 4th edition, almost all chapters have been completely revised and brought up to date with the latest technology. Entirely new topics have been added, such as the most modern mass spectrometric methods for the OMICs techniques, CRISPR / Cas or the Organ-on-a-Chip technology. The book takes numerous methodological developments into account and incorporates the latest trends in research. Great emphasis was placed on a critical, practice-related presentation of the methods and a logical connection between the chapters. Didactically revised four-color illustrations consistently illustrate the techniques described. With this, the new 4th edition of this competent and informative book will serve as a reliable guide to all those who need to become familiar with the variety of biological-chemical laboratory methods. From beginners to experts, every reader will find this book of high value.

Coriolis scientist co-authored chapter about protein-protein interaction

Dr. Klaus Richter, group leader and expert for analytical ultracentrifugation at Coriolis, participated in the writing of chapter 19 about protein-protein interaction together with other distinguished experts in the field, namely Peter Uetz, Eva-Kathrin Ehmoser, Dagmar Klostermeier and Ute Curth. The chapter deals with a variety of analytical techniques used to study protein-protein interaction, such as the two-hybrid screening technique, TAP-tagging, the GST pull down assay, co-immunoprecipitation, far-western plotting, surface plasmon resonance, FRET assay and analytical ultracentrifugation. 

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