Coriolis celebrates “two giants”: Prof. Carpenter and Prof. Randolph

Portraits of Coriolis scientists and advisors saying thank you to John and Ted

Scientists and advisors of Coriolis contribute 16 papers to J Pharm Sci issue dedicated to John and Ted

With a unique synergy, Prof John F. Carpenter and Prof. Theodore W. Randolph have  – over three decades – contributed in an outstanding way to the biopharmaceutical community and are now rightfully honored with a dedicated issue of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Coriolis scientists and scientific advisors pay tribute to both researchers by contributing 16 scientific publications to the special issue (see list below). We are looking forward to many more exciting scientific discoveries in the field of pharmaceutical sciences!


Shifting Paradigms Revisited: Biotechnology and the Pharmaceutical Sciences
Daan J.A. Crommelin, Enrico Mastrobattista, Andrea Hawe, Karin H. Hoogendoorn, and Wim Jiskoot

What Makes Polysorbate Functional? Impact of Polysorbate 80 Grade and Quality on IgG Stability During Mechanical Stress
Adam Dariusz Grabarek, Ula Bozic, Jannik Rousel, Tim Menzen, Wendelin Kranz, Klaus Wuchner, Wim Jiskoot, and Andrea Hawe

Stress Factors in mAb Drug Substance Production Processes: Critical Assessment of Impact on Product Quality and Control Strategy
Tapan K. Das, Linda O. Narhi, Alavattam Sreedhara, Tim Menzen, Christoph Grapentin, Danny K. Chou, Valentyn Antochshuk, and Vasco Filipe

Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) for High-Throughput Characterization of Subvisible Particles During Biopharmaceutical Drug Product Development
Constanze Helbig, Gregor Ammann, Tim Menzen, Wolfgang Friess, Klaus Wuchner, and Andrea Hawe

Exploring Chemical Space for New Substances to Stabilize a Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody
Andreas Tosstorff, Tim Menzen, and Gerhard Winter

Taking Subvisible Particle Quantitation to the Limit: Uncertainties and Statistical Challenges With Ophthalmic Products for Intravitreal Injection
Marina Gühlke, Johanna Hecht, Armin Bohrer, Andrea Hawe, Felix Nikels, Patrick Garidel, and Tim Menzen

Characterization of Native Reversible Self-Association of a Monoclonal Antibody Mediated by Fab-Fab Interaction
Lorenzo Gentiluomo, Dierk Roessner, Werner Streicher, Sujata Mahapatra, Pernille Harris, and
Wolfgang Frieß

Novel High-Throughput Assay for Polysorbate Quantification in Biopharmaceutical Products by Using the Fluorescent Dye DiI
Ariadna Martos, Michelle Berger, Wendelin Kranz, Anna Spanopoulou, Tim Menzen, Wolfgang Friess, Klaus Wuchner, and Andrea Hawe

Identification of Formaldehyde-Induced Modifications in Diphtheria Toxin
Bernard Metz*, Thomas Michiels, Joost Uittenbogaard, Maarten Danial, Wichard Tilstra,
Hugo D. Meiring, Wim E. Hennink, Daan J.A. Crommelin, Gideon F.A. Kersten, and Wim Jiskoot

Orthogonal Techniques to Study the Effect of pH, Sucrose, and Arginine Salts on Monoclonal Antibody Physical Stability and Aggregation During Long-term Storage
Hristo L. Svilenov, Alina Kulakova, Matja Zalar, Alexander P. Golovanov, Pernille Harris, and Gerhard Winter

Cis/Trans Isomerization of Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Polysorbate 80 During Light Exposure of a Monoclonal AntibodyeContaining Formulation
Indira Prajapati, Bjorn-Hendrik Peters, Nicholas R. Larson, Yangjie Wei, Sureshkumar Choudhary, Cavan Kalonia, Suzanne Hudak, Reza Esfandiary, C. Russell Middaugh, and Christian Schöneich

Effects of Glycan Structure on the Stability and Receptor Binding of an IgG4-Fc
Huan Kang, Nicholas R. Larson, Derek R. White, C. Russell Middaugh, Thomas Tolbert, and Christian Schöneich

Monoclonal Antibody Dimers Induced by Low pH, Heat, or Light Exposure Are Not Immunogenic Upon Subcutaneous Administration in a Mouse Model
Grzegorz Kijanka, Jared S. Bee, Mark A. Schenerman, Samuel A. Korman, Yuling Wu, Bram Slütter, and Wim Jiskoot

Activation of Human Monocytes by Colloidal Aluminum Salts
Hilde Vrieling, Sietske Kooijman, Justin W. de Ridder, Dominique M.E. Thies-Weesie, Peter C. Soema, Wim Jiskoot, Elly van Riet, Albert J.R. Heck, Albert P. Philipse, Gideon F.A. Kersten, Hugo D. Meiring, Jeroen L. Pennings, and Bernard Metz

Intrinsic Differential Scanning Fluorimetry for Fast and Easy Identification of Adeno-Associated Virus Serotypes
Ruth Rieser, Magalie Penaud-Budloo, Mohammed Bouzelha, Axel Rossi, Tim Menzen, Martin Biel, Hildegard Büning, Eduard Ayuso, Gerhard Winter, and Stylianos Michalakis

Shape Characterization of Subvisible Particles Using Dynamic Imaging Analysis
Roman Mathaes, Mark Cornell Manning, Gerhard Winter, Julia Engert, and Glenn A. Wilson