Coriolis student presents poster at CRYO2023

Poster Presentation at Cryo2023

The 60th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cryobiology - CRYO2023

CRYO2023 is the Society for Cryobiology’s 60th annual meeting. This three day event will host over 350 delegates from more than 35 countries including scientists and researchers from industry,  academia, government organizations and non-profits. 

The meeting spans the entirety of this multi-disciplinary field, covering both practical and theoretical aspects of low temperature biology and thermal medicine.

CRYO2023 takes place from July, 25 to July, 27, 2023 on the University of Minnesota (UMN) campus.


Poster Presentation

Our PhD student Alexandra Rösch has been awarded with a travel grant to present her recent data on "Osmotic behaviour of T-cells determined by flow imaging microscopy" during the poster session. She will be available throughout the event and is looking forward to many fruitful discussions and interesting presentations.

Flow imaging microscopy is a very interesting analytical technology for micrometer-sized particle characterization and has been used by Coriolis scientists already to study cells and cell based medicinal products.


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