Dr. Michael Wiggenhorn

As Member in the Board of Directors, Dr. Michael Wiggenhorn is responsible for the strategic development of Coriolis Pharma.

His motivation lies in linking scientific research with the development of modern drugs and vaccines. At Coriolis Pharma, he creates the scientific and entrepreneurial conditions under which (bio)pharmaceutical innovations are created and developed to market maturity.

Dr. Michael Wiggenhorn holds a degree in pharmaceutical engineering (University of Applied Sciences Detmold) and a master's degree in biopharmaceuticals (MSc. Biopharmaceuticals) from Leiden University in the Netherlands. He also holds a PhD in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Technology (Dr. rer. nat.) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany. Here he also developed the strategic foundations for Coriolis Pharma.

With Coriolis Pharma, Dr. Michael Wiggenhorn succeeded in establishing a professional network through which scientists from a wide range of disciplines contribute their individual expertise and experience to the development of innovative drugs and vaccines. Even as a start-up, the pharmacist, who holds a doctorate, focused on bundling the competencies of each individual employee in a targeted manner in order to use this networked know-how to meet customers' requirements for high-quality, modern medicines. He consistently developed his entrepreneurial strategy in view of the company's advancing growth.

In this way, Coriolis Pharma has become one of the world's leading independent service companies for the research and development of (bio)pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Michael Wiggenhorn