Aggregate analytics


Providing qualitative and quantitative data on aggregation is a key asset for assuring quality of biologics – Coriolis is a leading contract laboratory providing analytical services for aggregate analysis.

Most protein therapeutics and many other biopharmaceutical molecules are inherently unstable and can undergo aggregation through various pathways. Aggregates of various kinds can be formed, from reversible and non-reversible to soluble and non-soluble. Aggregation can directly influence the efficacy of the therapy be reducing the number of functional molecules, but also indirectly influence efficacy as well as safety of a therapy by inducing side-effects, such as unwanted immunogenicity.

Coriolis provides a large portfolio of cutting-edge instruments, enabling the orthogonal analysis of the various kinds of aggregates.

Explore our analytical techniques and get in touch with our experts, to find out how a comprehensive aggregate analysis can be achieved for your sample.

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