Assessing the Aggregation Propensity of Single-Domain Antibodies upon Heat-Denaturation Employing the ΔTm Shift

Patrick Kunz

Nano differential scanning fluorimetry is used to quantify protein thermostability and has substantially expanded the spectrum of convenient biophysical parameters used to characterize proteins. Here, this technique is used to measure the ΔTm shift for single-domain antibodies (sdAbs), which represents a comprehensive metric for the aggregation propensity of sdAbs upon heat-denaturation. By relating two melting curves at different protein concentrations, the ΔTm shift described in this protocol is ideally suited for high-throughput measurements to guide protein engineering, formulation development, and developability assessment of sdAbs.

Keywords: Nanobodies, Single-domain antibodies, Protein aggregation, Protein stability, Differential scanning fluorimetry, Aggregation propensity, Heat-denaturation, Reversibility 

In: Hussack G., Henry K.A. (eds) Single-Domain Antibodies. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2446.

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