Forced degradation studies


Testing under accelerated stress conditions

During formulation development, it is essential to challenge formulation candidates in order to identify the most robust and stable one.

For this, it is vital to use relevant stress conditions in the final packaging material, if available, that do not over- nor under-stress the molecule. Two things are important for the definition of meaning-full stress conditions; pre-tests and a lot of experience.

At Coriolis we can apply the knowledge gained in hundreds of projects to quickly obtain optimal test conditions for your molecule, reflecting its major degradation pathways and assessing its critical quality attributes (CQA).

The following categories of forced degradation are frequently performed by our scientists:

  • Freeze-thaw/Temp. excursion
  • Pumping
  • Stirring
  • Light exposure
  • Chem. spiking
  • Shaking/agitation
  • Transportation
  • Drop