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Especially in early-stage formulation development, the availability of the drug substance (DS) is a challenge, as often the respective upstream processes are only being developed. In many cases, subsequent development phases are already scheduled, making experimental timelines short. For these situations, high-throughput (HTP) screening becomes a valuable approach, allowing for a maximum information output in a short amount of time.

We at Coriolis can operate many of our analytical instruments in high-throughput mode by employing autosamplers, pipetting robots, well-plate formats, microfluidics and dedicated low sample volume methods. This allows the selection of suitable formulation conditions and the assessment of developability at a very early stage. The combination of HTP methods and the HTP screening approach are tailor-made and science-based to fit the needs of your project.

HTP formulation screening will involve the generation, analysis and interpretation of huge data sets. The goal of Coriolis is to make the analytical data interpretable for our customers. Therefore, we work with heat-maps, contour plots, radar-charts and empirical phase diagrams to give you the highest possible insights into the data.

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