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At Coriolis, we are not bound by a platform technology nor are we trying to force your molecule through predefined work procedures.

Formulation Development Drug Prodcut

Here at Coriolis, we have many years of experience in successfully formulating a large variety of different biopharmaceutical molecules. With this background, we can generate tailor-made and science-driven formulation development strategies that fit the special needs of your molecule and align with your in-house development phases. 

Therefore, we conduct an inventory phase based on the target product profile (TPP), the existing knowledge about the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the state-of-the-art scientific knowledge about the molecule type/class.

Formulation is more than just adding excipients.

It is crucial to challenge formulations by relevant (stress) conditions and to generate sufficient stability data in order to select the best candidate. Selection of suitable stability indicating analytical methods for characterization is essential and are the guide to an optimum and robust formulation.

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For enquiries related to our approach please contact Dr. Sylvia Bold-Haupenthal

Dr. Sylvia Bold-Haupenthal