Lyo equipment


A diverse set of freeze-dryers, equipped with the latest in technology

In our 400 m² lyophilization development center we operate a variety of freeze-dryers - from lab to production scale. Our expert scientists also utilize a large portfolio of process analytical technologies to control and optimize freeze-drying cycles and to test critical product parameters.

Lyophilization Technology Center

Lab scale

  • Epsilon 1-6 CC (M.Christ), freezing unit, liquid nitrogen
  • MicroFD (Millrock Technology)

Pilot scale

  • 3 x Epsilon 2-12D (M.Christ)
  • Revo (Millrock Technology)

Production scale

  • Epsilon 2-65D (M.Christ)

Our process analytical technologies (PAT tools)

Process Analytical Technology PAT tools


Contact us

Contact us

For enquiries related to lyophilized formulations please contact Dr. Matthias Lucke

Dr. Matthias Lucke