A diverse set of freeze-dryers, equipped with the latest in technology

Lab scale

  • Epsilon 1-6 CC (M.Christ), freezing unit, liquid nitrogen
  • MicroFD (Millrock Technology)

Pilot scale

  • 3 x Epsilon 2-12D (M.Christ)
  • Revo (Millrock Technology)

Production scale

  • Epsilon 2-65D (M.Christ)

PAT (process analytical technologies)

  • Comparative pressure measurement (MKS & Pirani sensors)
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Liquid nitrogen fast freezing
  • Control nucleation (all systems)
  • Individual shelf closure
  • LyoPAT and LyoSIM
  • Wireless temperature sensors
  • Heat-flux monitoring
  • Manometric temperature measurements
  • Visualization sublimation front
  • Microbalance sublimation rate
  • Optical fiber sensors (incl. crystallization events)