Low-concentration versus high-concentration liquid formulation


Whether you need a low- or a high-concentration formulation, we will have you covered.

Every molecule has unique properties and while some are active at an extremely low concentration (e.g., hormones) others need to be formulation at very high concentrations to be effective (e.g., monoclonal antibodies) or to achieve a low injection volume (e.g., for subcutaneous application).

Liquid Formulation Preparation

Both, low- and high-concentration formulations pose their own challenges during research and development as well as manufacturing. On the one hand, it is crucial to develop and apply suitable analytical methods that are either sensitive enough for low concentrations or offer a large dynamic range to handle the requirements of high concentration formulations. On the other hand, the handling of these formulations is very critical, as low concentrations are highly affected by surface adsorption whereas high concentrations can show high viscosities. We at Coriolis have more than 10 years of experience handling a variety of different molecules at both ends of the spectrum and are prepared to adapt our entire development strategy to the special needs of your molecule.

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