Gordon Research Conference invites Coriolis CTO as session chair

Gordon Research Conferences

The Gordon Research Conference "Biotherapeutics and Vaccines Development"

The second Gordon Research Conference on Biotherapeutics and Vaccines Development, taking place on 27 March - 1 April 2022, will bring together scientists from academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations for in depth exploration of the latest cutting-edge advances in this rapidly moving, exciting field. This GRC aims to assemble researchers from a variety of fields to discuss and debate in an open forum the fundamental scientific issues underlying the development and manufacturing of biotherapeutics and vaccines. The program will reflect the broad cross-disciplinary scientific and engineering issues involved in the development of biotherapeutics and vaccines.

Dr. Tim Menzen will chair the session "Properties of Biologics Impacting Safety and Efficacy"

We are very glad that our CTO Dr. Tim Menzen was invited to chair the session "Properties of Biologics Impacting Safety and Efficacy" together with William Weiss from Eli Lilly. The session, held at the Beach Marriott Hotel in Ventura, California, will include talks from academia, industry and the FDA. 

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