Coriolis scientists give talks at international conference in Boston

BioProcessing Summit 2019 Boston

Dr. Constanze Helbig and Dr. Wendelin Kranz are invited speakers at THE BIOPROCESSING SUMMIT, August 13-17, 2019, Boston, MA.

We are happy to announce that Constanze and Wendelin will represent Coriolis at the Bioprocessing Summit in Boston this year.

Constanze will introduce the exciting new technology of “Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) for High-Throughput Subvisible Particle Characterization During Biopharmaceutical Drug Product Development” (Wednesday August 13, 3:30 pm). Find more details in her recently accepted publication in J Pharm Sci. 2019 Mar.

Wendelin will reveal new and unpublished data on the hot topic of polysorbate degradation in his talk “Factors Influencing Polysorbate’s Sensitivity Against Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Oxidative Degradation” (Saturday, August 16, 2:00 pm). Find more details in his latest publication in J Pharm Sci. 2019 Jun.