Coriolis AUC Expert gives Talk at the CHI Gene & Cell Therapy Analytics Summit

CHI Conference Cell & Gene Therapy Analytics

The Cell & Gene Therapy Analytics Summit

Over the past 12 years, the Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) has established the Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit Series as a forum for analytical scientists to explore new tools, novel approaches and best practices to speed innovation. Living in a pandemic era, scientists are even more determined to share their research and find opportunities to collaborate and advance drug development. The Cell & Gene Therapy Analytics Summit addresses the need for more concentrated, high-quality meetings that focus on today’s most relevant topics. In the upcoming even on March 23, 2021, experts from industry and academia will present and discuss the newest developments in the field. 

Coriolis AUC expert gives talk about 'Assessing Critical Quality Attributes of Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy'

During his talk, Dr. Klaus Richter will outline analytical approaches — including the application of Analytical Ultracentrifugation — for the assessment of viral vectors (such as AAVs) used for advanced medicinal therapy products (ATMPs). He will be approachable throughout the digital event and is looking forward to many engaging discussions.

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