Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Publishes Special Issue in Memory of Wim Jiskoot

Prof. Dr. Wim Jiskoot

On 22 August 2021, Wim Jiskoot has passed away at the age of sixty years and only weeks after having received an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Since 2013, Wim has been actively working for Coriolis as Scientific Advisor, next to his professorship at Leiden University.

Wim’s scientific excellence is manifested in about 300 peer reviewed publications. He managed to bridge academic research and enormous experience with the applied science of the biopharmaceutical industry in a brilliant way. It was important to him to actively contribute to the development of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines which improve the health and the quality of life of millions.

To honor Wim and his outstanding contribution to science, the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science has issued a special topic cluster. Coriolis scientists and advisors have contributed with following publications in memory of our great colleague and friend: