Coriolis Website Now Cookie-Free by Default

Coriolis Website Cookie-Free by Default

The privacy and security of your data is of great importance to us!

Since our foundation in 2008, Coriolis has always made the privacy and safety of personal and project-related data a top priority. Now, we are happy to announce a new measure that we have added to our list: A cookie-free website by default! 

Cookies, particularly third-party and marketing cookies, can collect sensitive and personal user information and may submit them to social-media platforms (e.g. Facebook) or marketers (e.g., Google). While modern cookie-banners must allow for a deactivation of such cookies, controlling your privacy settings on all websites you visit is often tedious. That is why Coriolis has deactivate cookies by default, so you do not have to. Coriolis, of course, also applies this mindset to all data obtained in client projects. 

We have now implemented following measures to keep your personal and project-related data safe and secure:

  • Our website and pages operate cookie-free by default.
  • Web analysis is done by using Germany-based tools with 100% GDPR-compliance (no Google Analytics).
  • All client data and documents are handled, stored and archived on our own servers and IT infrastructure located in Germany.
  • Stringent back-up procedures with multiple redundancies are in place to protect from data loss.
  • Even demanding data processing is done on dedicated in-house computer clusters.
  • No third-parties are involved during project work, unless desired by the client.
  • We operate our own secure file-sharing server to exchange data with clients.
  • Dedicated project codes are used instead of client names to anonymize data whenever possible.
  • Our Scientific Advisors provide their guidance independently from their affiliated universities: Full confidentiality without additional contracts.

Read our full privacy policy or contact us with your questions.