Coriolis helps victims of flood catastrophe

Coriolis supports Germany's Relief Coalition with donation

Central Europe was hit by devastating floods after heavy rains.

During the last week, heavy rains and overflowing rivers have devastated towns across western Germany and Belgium, as well in as Austria, parts of the Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Our thoughts are with those who lost relatives and friends during this catastrophe. Many people have lost their homes and are in dire need of emergency aid. Government agencies, NGOs and numerous volunteer helpers are doing their best to provide shelter, food and to clear streets and houses from the remains of the floods. 

Coriolis supports Germany's Relief Coalition with donation

With a € 5,000 donation, Coriolis supports the emergency aid by Germany's Relief Coalition, an alliance of aid organizations for disaster relief. This donation is an addition to Coriolis' annual donation round to charity organizations, which support people in need, fight for a healthy nature or improve our society as a whole. Every year, Coriolis donates to 10 aid organizations, which are selected by our employees. To encourage each individual in pursuing their own social projects and supporting existing organizations, we double our yearly donations to organizations in which Coriolis employees are actively involved.

You can support the work of Germany's Relief Coalition via their website: Aktion Deutschland Hilft