Coriolis Business Continuity Plan


Coriolis implements Business Continuity Plan in response to coronavirus pandemic.

In the first stage, we implemented travel restrictions for all employees, replaced all face-to-face meetings (internal at Coriolis and with external persons) by Skype conferencing, and started documenting all contacts between Coriolis personnel. In the meantime, all non-essential personnel for lab activities works from home until further notice. At Coriolis, we have distributed all operational teams throughout the empty offices. Flexible working hours have been extended to facilitate the organization of work for employees with children during the time where schools and childcare is closed in Germany. Furthermore, we have ensured the supply of critical excipients, reagents and material to keep projects ongoing. 

These measures aim to reduce the risk of exposure as far as possible and keep the project work ongoing. We are confident that this strategy will – in case of infection of Coriolis personnel - reduce the number of people required to stay in quarantine. Should there be delays in project work, be assured that we will do our best to re-accommodate the activities to other teams and groups. 

The Bavarian government is continuously updating their safety measures to contain the spread of the virus. We are of the opinion that the best way to maintain and keep the routine laboratory operations (including GMP laboratory operations) ongoing during these times, is to implement the full scope of the Bavarian government's guidelines for containing the number of infections. We will pro-actively inform our clients, if any such measures affect operations at Coriolis relevant to their projects.

Should you have any further questions concerning this matter, please reach out to our Business Development Contacts.