Coriolis Business Continuity Plan


Coriolis implements Business Continuity Plan in response to coronavirus pandemic.

Most importantly, we are all healthy and are doing well. Coriolis is fully operational and working at full capacity, although working from many different locations in home offices and the laboratories in Martinsried. The fast and efficient implementation of our safety precautions to contribute to social distancing lead to the successful continuation of our business. Further safety measures were implemented, to protect our employees. The whole team is able to combine working in home office and in the laboratory. To commute to work we have offered rental cars and e-bikes, to avoid public transportation.

We are able to ensure the operations at Coriolis for our client’s projects. The supply of material, consumables and especially sample shipments are sometimes challenging. Potential delays caused by our clients will be handled flexibly and individually from our end.

To assure a smooth continuation of all projects, we encourage our clients for a proactive communication, e.g., if changes in timelines or shipments of samples are expected. We will face this situation as a team, work together and take care of each other. Coriolis continues to formulate innovation!

Should you have any further questions concerning this matter, please reach out to our Business Development Contacts.

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